Regional Oncologic Dispensary in Brest

The equipping of the surgical block of the Regional Oncologic Dispensary (Brest, Meditsinskaya st., 6) with Medin’s medical equipment was successfully completed in December 2014.

Within the framework of the project delivery, installation, maintenance and personnel training were done by our company.

The following medical equipment was delivered to the Regional Oncologic Dispensary:

  • 14 universal operating tables OK-BETA PLUS (OUK-02-1);
  • 31 general surgery operating tables OK-GAMMA MOBILE;
  • emergency hospital stretchers Medin-Elpis;
  • gynecological chairs KGM-3P;
  • sets of accessories for urology;
  • sets of accessories for surgery on lumbar, thoracic or pelvic area;
  • sets of accessories for surgery on the upper extremities;
  • stand-steps to the operating table;
  • mobile stand for additional accessories.

The project was implemented with the assistance of «Brest Regional Capital Construction Board»

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