Obstetric and gynecological facility of 5th clinical hospital in Minsk

Foreign Unitary Enterprise "Medindustria Service" as one of the leaders among Belarusian producers of medical equipment and furniture continues to create necessary and comfortable conditions for patients.

Next to the Republican molecular genetics laboratory of carcinogenesis and the Republican center of positron emission tomography (PET-center) in N.N. Alexandrov National Cancer Centre of Belarus MEDIN has successfully completed the equipment of the new maternity home that has become a significant object of the 5th clinical hospital.

There are 120 and 140 gynecological obstetric beds, intensive care units for newborns and pregnant women in the maternity home. It has 11 delivery rooms, including 4 rooms for partner delivery.

Foreign Unitary Enterprise "Medindustria Service" produced operating tables with sets of additional accessories for gynecology, obstetric tables, gynecological chairs, stretchers, medical cabinets, instrument tables and so on.

«Medindustria Service» is grateful to medical staff of the 5th clinical hospital for the trust and the choice of Medin’s products. 


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