First private maternity hospital and multi-disciplinary clinic in Ekaterinburg.

On June 5, 2013 the first private maternity hospital and multi-disciplinary clinic were inaugurated in Ekaterinburg.

The institutions have been opened on the basis of the medical center «Paracelsus» and are located in the center of the city. The maternity hospital includes 26 beds and has the most modern equipment. It will provide all kinds of medical services for pregnant women. The multi-disciplinary clinic has a modern laboratory, radiology department, endocrine survey department, surgery department and ambulatory department.

Treatment rooms, examination rooms, operating rooms and central sterilization department have been equipped with Medin’s medical modular systems.

This is our fifth project on equipment of the leading russian medical centers with medical modular systems made of galvanized steel. Moreover a large number of general purpose medical equipment (medical instrument tables, medical stands, trolleys, couches, etc.) has been delivered to the medical center «Paracelsus».

Installation of furniture has been made efficiently and on time. The medical center has been satisfied with our company.

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