Equipping of central district hospitals of the Komi Republic.

From the beginning of 2015 «Medindustriya Service» has implemented more than 10 specialized and complex supplies of operating tables and other medical equipment to the Russian Federation.

Equipping of operating units of central district hospitals of the Komi Republic has been one of these projects.

Currently, high-level operating tables OM-Delta-Plus are successfully used in «Priluzsky central district hospital», «Ust-Vymsky central district hospital» and «Knyazhpogost central district hospital». These tables meet the highest world standards and are competitive in terms of technical characteristics, functionality, reliability and prices in comparison with the main European brands.

In agreement with our German partners we have adopted operating tables for the use of DORO® Brain Retractor Systems. This event has already attracted specialists in the field of neurosurgery as a functional, technological, modern and affordable alternative.

The project has been implemented with the assistance of the company «Alegarmed».

«Medindustria Service» is grateful to our partner as well as medical staff of central district hospitals of the Komi Republic for the trust and the choice of Medin’s products.

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