Aqua-Minsk Clinic Medical Center

Aqua-Minsk Clinic Medical Center with the most advanced technologies and modern equipment was inaugural opened in July, 2019.

Aqua-Minsk Clinic Medical Center provides services in the following areas: laboratory diagnostics, ultrasound diagnostics using expert-class equipment, functional diagnostics, X-ray diagnostics, medical appointments, minimally invasive outpatient procedures, inpatient surgeries, plastic surgery, dentistry, and esthetic medicine.

The area of the medical center is six thousand m2 and occupies three upper floors of the five-storied complex. Aqua-Minsk Clinic has a hotel with fifteen rooms for nonresident patients and medical tourism.

The design, construction and purchase of equipment was carried out by the general contractor Unibep Spolka Akcyjna (Poland). In total, more than 10 million euros were invested in Aqua-Minsk Clinic medical center.

“Medindustria Service Ltd.” is one of the main suppliers of medical equipment and furniture, fully satisfying the needs of the center in operating tables, gynecological chairs, patient transporters, racking and modular systems, as well as in general hospital equipment (cabinets, equipment racks, medical tables and holders, functional trolleys, couches, stools, etc.).

“Medindustria Service Ltd.” is grateful to the general contractor Unibep Spolka Akcyjna and all medical personnel for the trust and choice of Medin’s products.