«10th Clinical Hospital» in Minsk

Complex equipment of the operating unit of the «10th Clinical Hospital» in Minsk has become a great start of the year 2015 for «Medin».

This hospital is one of the largest multi-disciplinary medical institutions of Minsk. Every year it serves more than 150,000 citizens of the capital, regions of Belarus and foreign countries. During the year qualified doctors perform about 20,000 surgeries in various fields.

The new operating unit of the «10th Clinical Hospital» consists of 16 operating rooms, where thoracal (chest surgery), gynecological, general surgery as well as eye microsurgery will be done for patients.

Certainly, high-tech surgery does not depend only on the competence of doctors and medical personnel, but also on the quality of medical equipment and furniture.

So that medical equipment and furniture made by Foreign unitary enterprise «Medindustria Service» (operating tables with additional sets of accessories, medical instrument tables, medical basin and sterilization boxes stands) has become an excellent assistant.

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