Multi Purpose Operating Table OUK-04 (OK-TETA PLUS)

Short description
  • Low column base increases the space for X-Ray system operation with C-arm 
  • Ergonomically for surgeon’s legs
  • Electric power via battery or via power supply network (230 V)
  • Head and leg sections quick fixation
  • Interchangeable head and leg sections 
  • Extended up to 540 mm table top width
  • Increased on 25% zone of radiolucency (compared to OUK-02 and OUK-03 operating tables)
  • viscoelastic mattress with memory effect
  • М1, М2 positions are programmed by the user
  • Cordless remote control (accessory)
  • In-built system of safe table management 
Used with the following KPP sets:
  02 03 04 05 06 07 08
09 10 11 12 13   15 16
17 18            
  26 27 28 29 30 31 32


Table top length, not less than2150 mm
Table top length (without head and leg sections), not less than1150 mm
Table top width over the guides, not less than590 mm
Table top width, not less than540 mm
Min. table top height (pads thickness is not included), not more than630 mm
Max. table top height (pads thickness is not included), not less than1050 mm
Table base length, not more than1050 mm
Table base width, not more than650 mm
Table base height, not more than140 mm
Table top longitudinal tilt (Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg position), not less than- 30º/+ 30º
Table top lateral tilt (right/left), not less than+ 20º/- 20°
Dorsal section tilt (up/down), not less than+ 75º/- 45°
Head section tilt (up/down), not less than+ 30º/- 45°
Leg section tilt (up/down), not less than+ 30º/- 90°
Table safe working load, not less than220 kg
Table top longitudinal shift, not less than320 mm
Pads lifting (provided dorsal section bending), not less than105 mm
Table safe working load (with functions limitation)270 kg
Table weight (without removable accessories), not more than250 kg
Power network settings~ 230 V, 50 Hz
Power intake, not more than750 W
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