General surgery operating table OM-Delta 01

Оrder number: 
Short description
  • General surgery operating table with electrohydraulic adjustment;
  • Combined with sets of additional accessories allows full range of surgery operations;
  • Swapping of head and leg sections allows widens radiolucent zone;
  • Zero position of table top with emergency stopping option;
  • Warranty 24 months.

  • All open metal surfaces and additional accessories are made of stainless steel;
  • Table base and column protected by stainless steel covers;
  • PVC molded protective cover for adjustment mechanism;
  •  Electrohydraulic floor locking system;
  • Battery charge indicator on hand remote control;
  • Removable, antistatic, seamless, molded polyurethane foam mattresses made with antibacterial ASP technology;
  • Zero position function;
  • Split leg sections;
  • Head section doble inclination adjustments;
  • 6 sectional table top;
  • Longitudinal shift 320 mm;
  • X-ray translucent table top;
  • X-ray film cartridge input from head or leg sections;
  • C-Arm compatible;
  • Compatible with full variety of additional accessories.


  • Lifting/lowering of the table top - electrohydraulic;
  • Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg - electrohydraulic;
  • Lateral tilt - electrohydraulic;
  • Dorsal section tilt - electrohydraulic;
  • Longitudinal shift - mechanical;
  • Kidney bridge lifting - electrohydraulic;
  • Dorsal section bending (optional) - mechanical;
  • Floor locking system - electrohydraulic;
  • Leg and head sections - gas springs.


Additional options:
  • Ring-shaped head cushion Ø205 mm;
  • Lumbar roll cushion;
  • Dorsal section bending. 
Table height (without mattresses), mm640…990
Table top length, mm2100
Table top width (incl. side rails), mm550
Table top sections (incl. split leg section)6
Longitudinal tilt (Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg)±30˚
Lateral tilt±20˚
Dorsal section tilt+75˚/-45˚
Leg sections tilt+30˚/-90˚
Head section tilt+30˚/-35˚
Castor size, mmØ125
Kidney bridge lifting, mm105
Dorsal section bending (optional), mm105
Longitudinal shift, mm320
Remote controlYes
Zero positionYes
Built-In rechargeable batteriesYes
Supply voltage230 V, 50 Hz
Electric drives supply voltage24 V
Power consumption, max 250 W
Batteries charging time. h3
Approximate battery life48 hours
Table weight, kg210
Maximum lifting capacity, kg450