General surgery operating table OK-GAMMA

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Short description
  • Operating table for general surgery with mechanohydraulic adjustment;
  • Best solution for ordinary surgical manipulations;
  • Alternative to dressing table;
  • Perfect for gynecological, ophthalmological, plastic and general practice operations while combined with sets of additional accessories;
  • Warranty 24 months.
Used with the following KPP sets:
  10   12   14 15 16
17 18     21 22    
25 26 27   29 30 31 32


  • All open metal surfaces and additional accessories are made of stainless steel;
  • Table base is made of extra proof composite base cover;
  • Column protected by stainless steel casing;
  • Removable, antistatic, seamless, molded polyurethane foam mattresses made with antibacterial ASP technology;
  • 5 section table top (with split leg section);
  • Dorsal section bending (optional) 105 mm;
  • Kidney bridge lifting (optional) 140 mm;
  • X-ray translucent table top;
  • C-Arm compatible;
  • Input of the X-ray film cartridge from head or leg sections;
  • Head and split leg sections are removable;
  • Compatible with wide variety of additional accessories.


  • Lifting/lowering of the table top - foot operated hydraulic jack;
  • Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg - mechanical;
  • Lateral tilt  - mechanical; 
  • Dorsal section tilt - gas spring;
  • Leg and head section tilt - locking clamps;
  • Dorsal section bending (optional) - mechanical;
  • Kidney bridge lifting (optional) - mechanical; 
  • Brakes control - foot pedal.


Additional options:
  • Dorsal section bending;
  • Kidney bridge lifting;
  • Ring-shaped head cushion Ø205 mm;
  • Lumbar roll cushion.
Table top length, not less than1950 mm
Table top length (without head and leg sections), not less than 950 mm
Table top width over the guides, not less than550 mm
Table top width, not less than500 mm
Min. table top height (pads thickness is not included), not more than760 mm
Max. table top height (pads thickness is not included), not less than1060 mm
Table top base length, not more than915 mm
Table base width (from the head section side), not more than325 mm
Table base width (from the leg section side), not more than550 mm
Table base height, not more than75 mm
Table base niche depth (from the leg section side), not less than 95 mm
Table top longitudinal tilt (Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg position), not less than- 30º/+ 30º
Table top lateral tilt (right/left), not less than 20º/20º
Dorsal section tilt (up/down), not less than+ 75º/- 45°
Head section tilt (up/down), not less than+ 45º/- 90°
Leg section tilt (up/down), not less than+ 30º/- 90°
Max. head section shift, not less than50 mm
Table safe working load, not less than160 kg
Table safe working load (with functions limitation)250 kg
Table weight (without removable accessories set), not more than150 kg
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