Dressing table OK-GAMMA-04

Short description
  • Mechanohydraulic dressing table 
  • Optimal for examinations of patients, minimal invasive interventions, postoperative and cosmetic procedures in medical institutions 
Used with the following KPP sets:
            15 16
17 18            
  26     29 30 31 32


Table top length, not less than1950 mm
Table top width over the guides, not less than550 mm
Table top width, not less than500 mm
Min. table top height, not more than730 mm
Max. table top height, not less than1030 mm
Table top rise per stroke, mm, not less than8
Castors diameter, mm, not less than150
Number of table top sections, pc2
Head section tilt (up/down), not less than+ 40º/0°
Table safe working load, not less than160 kg
Table weight (without removable accessories), not more than150 kg
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