Set KPP-21 or head positioning with 2-way tilt option and drive

Оrder number: 
Short description
  • Set is used as head section of operating table top;
  • Includes frame with removable pad and drive adjusting lift and tilt;
  • Stainless steel metallic elements;
  • Molded padding made of integral polyurethane with antistatic coating;
Set KPP-21 is used on operating tables Мedin Alfa (ОU-01К), ОК-Beta (ОUК-02), ОМ-Epsylon (ОUК-01), ОК-Gamma, ОК-Gamma Mobil.
Warranty 24 months. 


Delivery set:
  • Frame equipped with tilt and lift drive — 1 pc. (order number: 217.010) 
  • Head pad — 1 pc. (order number: 215.020) 


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