Set КPP-11 for urology

Оrder number: 
Short description
  • Set KPP-11 for urology intended for urological surgeries and examination;
  • All metallic element of set are stainless steel made;
  • Additional 400 mm radiolucent section with antistatic сoating allows substantial shift of patient pelvic zone out of table column and free access of X-ray unit;
  • Additional section design allows mounting of leg sections, supports according to Geppel, X-ray cassette and rotating holder of tank with drainage system;
  • Additional section mounted to joints of cental section (instead of leg sections);
  • Leg supports and tank with rotating holder are fixtured on side rails of additional section.
Set KPP-11 for urology is used on operating tables Мedin Alfa (ОU-01К), ОК-Beta (ОUК-02), ОМ-Delta, ОМ-Delta-Plus, ОК-Beta Plus (ОUК-02-1), ОМ-Sigma.
Warranty 24 months.
Delivery set:
  • Leg support with radial clamp — 2 pcs. (order number №: 204.001) 
  • Additional (extension) section, pad included — 1 pc. (order number №: 205.001) 
  • Tank with rotating holder and drainage system — 1 pc.  (order number №: 205.002) 
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