Medical cabinet MSH-1-05

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Short description

Single door medical cabinet for medicine, bandaging material and instruments storage with adjustable shelves.  The cabinet space is divided into two sections – upper  with glass door and lower  and tripartite mechanism door locking system. Dividing shelf equipped by retractable table for convenience of medical care workers.  Cabinet can be equipped with baskets (separate order).



  • adjustable-height legs;
  • made of powder coated sheet metal;
  • double-walled design filled with noise dampening material;
  • tripartite mechanism door locking system;
  • sealed off all round doors;
  • 180° door opening angle;
  • height adjustable shelves.
Overall dimensions:
Width415 mm
Depth460 mm
Height1850 mm
Upper shelf (WxD)340x415 mm
Lower shelf (WxD)400x415 mm
Retractable table (WxD)350x345 mm
Weight82 kg
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