Medical Cabinets

Medical cabinets are widely used in various types of medical facilities and intended for reliable storage and organizing of medicine, medical instruments, household supplies, etc. Wide selection of MEDIN medical cabinets with  various application designs allows ergonomically organizing your workspace with necessary functional reguirements. Great feature with high quality at a reasonable price makes MEDIN medical cabinets the best choice for you.

Шкафы медицинские МЕДИН

  • Cabinets are made of galvanized, powder-coated constructional steel scratch and impact resistant
  • Seamless non-corrosive construction
  • Steady against disinfectants, moisture, temperature fluctuations and fire retardant
  • Durable German made hardware
  • Sealed off all round doors
  • Reliable tripartite mechanism doors locking system
  • 180° door opening angle
  • Full pull-out drawers
  • Drawer automatic pull-in function (optional)
  • Height adjustable legs are covered by removable baseboard
  • Height adjustable shelves
  • Metal baskets (optional)
Оrder number: 602.010
Оrder number: 602.020
Оrder number: 602.040
Оrder number: 602.050
Оrder number: 602.030
Оrder number: 602.060
Оrder number: 601.011
Оrder number: 601.010
Оrder number: 601.040
Оrder number: 601.050
Оrder number: 601.020
Оrder number: 601.030
Оrder number: 601.060