Patient washing medical transporter TBPU

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Patient washing medical transporter designed for showering of a patient in prone position. Height adjustment allows the caregiver to work at a comfortable height which helps to avoid bending, so reducing fatigue and the risk of injury to both the caregiver and the patient.  Bath mattress of the washing transporter is made of PVC hygienic material. Mattress design allows full water drainage. Height adjustment is done by the hydraulic foot pump. Folding safety guard rails designed to keep patients from rolling or falling out of the transporter and give an easier access for the caregiver to transport the patient on or off the bed.


  • Transporter base protected by shatterproof composite plastic cover;
  • Panel frame is made of carbon steel painted with environmentally friendly polymer paints;
  • Folding safety guard rails are made of stainless steel;
  • Transporter equipped with four swivel castors Ø 200 mm two of which have brakes and directional lock;
  • External surfaces are steady against disinfectants;
  • Warranty - 24 months.



  • Height is adjusted by means of the foot operated hydraulic jack.
  • Transporter panel lifting per one stroke - 8 mm



Overall lenght2130 mm
Overall width790 mm
Min height (up to the bottom of the bath), no more470 mm
Max height (up to the bottom of the bath), not less800 mm
Min height (with guide rails), no more685 mm
Max height (with guide rails), not less1020 mm
Bath side depth (from the bottom of the bath), not less220 mm
Transporter panel lifting per one stroke8 mm
Inclination angle of the panel for water draining
Clearance, not less130 mm
Safe working load160 kg
Weight90 kg
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