Patient medical transporter with removable stretcher TB-01

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Patient medical transporter with removable stretcher TB-01 – versatile, lightweight, mobile transport stretcher used for short-term carrying of patients in all areas of the hospital, ambulatory surgical centers and transporting of the patient in or out of the Emergency medical services (EMS) vehicle. Detachable top part allows for the stretcher to be easily transformed into the handheld stretcher.  

For safety TB-01 equipped with corner safety bumpers and for the comfort of the patient with mattress and headrest.

  • All open metal surfaces and additional accessories are made of stainless steel;
  • Stretcher equipped with four swivel castors Ø 150 mm two of which have brakes and directional lock;
  • External surfaces are steady against disinfectants;
  • Factory warranty - 24 months. 


Owerall lenght with handles/without handles2355/1990 mm
Owerall width675 mm
Height835 mm
Weight40 kg
Handheld stretcher weight12 kg
Safe working load120 kg
Castor size Ø 150 mm
Clearance170 mm
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