Obstetric bed KA

Оrder number: 
305.201 and 305.203
Short description
  • 305.201   KА-01 – electric drive (4 motions) and leg section tilt adjusted by pneumatic spring
  • 305.202   KА-02 – electric drive (3 motions)
  • 305.203   KА-03 – electric drive (2 motions) and bed longitudinal tilt adjusted by pneumatic spring
  • 305.204   KА-04 – lift drive on the hydraulic jack, longitudinal and back titlts adjusted by pneumatic spring


Obstetric bed is designed to offer maximum freedom of the movement to the expectant mother during all stages of labour and the expulsion period. It combined an attractive design with comfort for the expectant mother and optimum working conditions for the obstetric team. It is easy to clean and disinfect.


  • comfortable, ergonomic design and dimensions
  • strong, durable construction
  • advanced materials, easy cleaning and maintaining
  • equipped with stainless steel basin - 10 L
  • warranty 24 months


Safe working load, not less than230 kg
Max. load on leg sections, not less than150 kg
Quantity of electric drives4
Min. height (pad excluded), not more than 580 mm
Max. height (pad excluded)955 mm
Dorsal section tilt, not less than78°
Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg positioning, not less than15°
Leg section lowering, not less than250 мм
Leg section tilt, not less than16°
Leg holder rotation angle relating to Z axis360°
Leg holder tilt angle30º
Arm rests tilt angle45º
Bed pads measurements1900х780х100 mm
Chair pads measurements 1300х780х100 mm
Bed (chair) dimensions2050(1520)х970 mm
Power supply voltage230 В, 50 Hz
Built-in batteries capacity10 A/h
Batteries charging time5-6 h
Power consumption, not more than250 W
Bed weight, not more than 200 kg
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