Obstetric aid table SR-01

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Obstetric aid table SR-01 (birthing bed) with unique and reliable technical design. It provides a wide range of adjustments to provide great comfort for women in labor as well as for assisting medical personnel. The table can be positioned to conduct procedures in "sitting" or "lying" position. Ergonomic mattresses designed to gives a great sense of comfort and safety to women in labor.

Table design provides easy operation, fast manipulation and easy cleaning.

  • Three stepless independent electric motors for height, back rest and longitudinal tilt adjustments;
  • Metal parts of the accessories made of stainless chromium-nickel steel;
  • Removable, anti-static, seamless, molded polyurethane foam mattresses made with antibacterial ASP technology;
  • Chassis and column are protected by heavy duty composite plastic covers;
  • Detachable hand grips can freely move on side rails for maximum comfort of the patient;
  • Detachable gynecological basin can freely move on side rails and locked in necessary position;
  • Wheeled chassis with Ø 100 mm castors with central brake;

·         Warranty 24 month.

Delivery set:
  • Retractable child delivery table
  • Gynecological basin with swivel mount - 1 pc.
  • Goepel leg supports with radial clamps - 1 pair.
  • Head cushion - 1 pc.
  • Hand grips - 1 pair.
Safe working load, not less than200
Table height (horizontal sections positioning), mm
Lower limit position, mm, not more than 670
Upper limit position, mm, not more than 870
Min. seat height with down tilt on 5º, mm, not less than 650
Table lift motion, mm, not less than 200
Tabletop length:
Drawn out and turned down table for newborn, mm, not less than 1850
Drawn out and turned up table for newborn, mm 1920
Dorsal section tilt (up), not less than 55 º
Head section tilt (up) related to dorsal section, not less than 30 º
Longitudinal tabletop shift, not less than:
Up5 º
Down20 º
Withdrawable table pads measurements, mm, not less than 540*520
Table height adjustment range, mm, not less than 100
Table width along the pads, mm, not less than 655
Table width along rail housings, mm, not less than 710
Power supply voltage from built-in batteries 24V
Batteries capacity, not less than 12A/h
Batteries charging time, not more than 5-6 h
Mains charging voltage 220V 50Hz
Bed weight, not more than170 kg
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