Gynecological chair KGM-1

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Short description

KGM-1 is the basic model of gynecological chairs with MEDIN trade mark.

It is intended for carrying out examinations and manipulations in the field of gynecology and urology. One electrical motor drive provides reliability and simplicity to operate. Seat and back rest are fixed at the permanent angle 130 °. Foot-operated switch controller gives a great ability for the physician to perform various manipulations. Wheeled chassis helps to move easy around the examination room and give maximum access to clean underneath the chair.

  • One stepless independent electric motor for combined seat/back rest tilt adjustment;
  • Metal parts of the accessories made of stainless chromium-nickel steel;
  • Chassis and column are protected by heavy duty composite plastic covers;
  • Detachable hand grips can freely move on side rails for maximum comfort of the patient;
  • Detachable gynecological basin can freely move on side rails and locked in necessary position;
  • Wheeled chassis for easy moving and cleaning underneath the chair;
  • Extensive choice of upholstery colors;
  • Warranty 24 month.
Delivery set:
  • Foot-operated switch controller - 1 pc.
  • Gynecological basin with swivel mount - 1 pc.
  • Goepel leg supports with radial clamps - 1 pair.
  • Head cushion - 1 pc.
  • Hand grips - 1 pair.
  • Paper roll holder - 1 pc.
  • Leg plate (optional)
  • Foot stand (optional)
Chair height (sections in horizontal position), not more than740 mm
Min. seat height with forward tilt, not more than680 mm
Seat and back fixation angle130°
Seat tilt angle-5º…+19º
Chair seat and back width, not less than620 mm
Seat tilt change driveelectromechanical
Electric drives supply voltage24 V
Chair supply voltage220V, 50 Hz
Max. power consumption200 W
Safe working load, not less than140 kg
Chair weight, not more than130 kg
Stainless steel container volume9 l
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