Medical instrument table SI-50 (Mayo)

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Medical instrument table SI-50 (Mayo) is used to simplify the work in the operating theatre. The mayo table is developed to be used over the operating table.  It is draped and carries the instruments for the surgery.

For the convenience of surgical staff the height of the table can be manual adjusted. Table tray can be adjusted horizontally to each side.

Table tray constructed from stainless steel with raised edges on the working surface to prevent objects falling off the table.

Base of the table equipped with antistatic swivel castors Ø 80mm, two castors with brakes.

  • Stainless steel construction;
  • Table tray with raised edges;
  • All open surfaces are stable against nonchlorine-based cleaning and disinfecting; 
  • Warranty - 24 months.


Tray size (LxW)700x500 mm
Height adjustment range 960...1370 mm
Tray movement (left/right)35º/35º
Load capacity10 kg
Weight13 kg
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