Presentation room renovation

Laying another milestone on the way of our development, we want to reconsider self-presentation on the market of medical equipment. We want to combine a bit of philosophical wisdom with rough pragmatism of commercial relations. A wise specialist starts a deal by the product estimation and in-depth studying rather than by a thoughtless purchasing. We absolutely support and recommend such an approach for medical equipment choice. 
The rearranged Medin presentation room now includes the most highly demanded medical equipment and latest innovative solutions samples. 
We did our best to make our exposition look like a real treatment room in a hospital or other health facility, integrating medical equipment with a wide range of medical accessories for our clientele to have more opportunities and visual data for successful decision-making process. 
Medin presentation room consists of a few functional areas:
• Neurosurgical operating room
• Urological operating room  
• General surgery operating room
• Gynecological operating room, delivery room
• Gynecological room 
• Antenatal and postpartum wards
• Hospital transport
• Multifunctional medical furniture 
•Service equipment for medical personnel 
• Surgical light
All medical equipment under the Medin trademark is designed and produced in accordance with modern criteria and keeps up with world's leading manufacturers. We give the priority to the quality and completeness of our service. We are always welcome you and are ready to give you as much attention as it is required for the product optimal choice and its professional operation.